Wednesday, January 21, 2009

One Of Many UFO's

This quilt is called the Road To Dixie and that I started at the Renegade Quilter's Retreat last March. As you can see I don't work very fast. Actually I get distracted when something new comes along and I start a new project. However, this year in 2009, I want to try to get some of my UFO's done. As you can see here I have two more rows to attached and then comes the small inner border, the outside border and the piecing will be done. I am not real crazy about the fabric I picked out for those, so this weekend I will shop for something else. Oh well, everyone can use more fabric, right??? So until I get more fabric I will work on sewing the last two rows on.

So until then I will work on sewing down the The Great Pumpkin Patch blocks, which is a new project. Til next time Happy Quilting.

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Elaine Adair said...

What a pretty graphic pattern! In color or black and white - n ice job. I really like it and am printing it out. (to add to the stack ...)