Saturday, May 14, 2011

Happenings That Have Happened

Back in the beginning of April we had a Guild Retreat. I was the door prize chairman and we had plenty of door prizes. The classes went very well and was enjoyed by all 23 members participating. We made portable ironing boards for all to take home (Shown above). The retreat committee put the final touches to the retreat the day before. The classes were making bags for a hot iron to take home, a block saver roll up to carry unfinished blocks home. The committee worked very hard and I think it was the best retreat ever. We had show and tell while having lunch one day. We also gave David, the Camp Manager a quilt for the services and hospitality he has given us throughout the years

Then--2 weeks after the Retreat, 4 of us were off to the Paducah Quilt Show. It was my first time. I had so much fun with my buddies. It was a wonderful show despite all the water and flooding. It did not slow us down a bit. And to think the flooding has gotten even worse. My prayers are with those that live there. I think we went to Hancocks 3 different times as well as to Walmart. Some places they could call us by name. One of those places was the Lace Guild where we learned to make a bracelet and the 4 of us came home with bobbin lace supplies. What 1 has the rest had to buy also, so all 4 of us bought. LOL. Carol and Vickie had a class on Wed and Fri. On Fri, Sue, Carol and I took an EQ7 class Mary Ellen Kranz. She is a wonderful lady and it was a fun class to take. After being there a week, it was time to go home. Had to take a longer way home because of all the water, but we arrived home safely. Many thanks to Vickie for all of the driving she did. She did a great job. I have lots of pictures, but these are just few posted here.