Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Precious Memories

Last summer I had the honor of learning free motion quilting under a lady I consider my mentor. She held a small class through the entire summer and it ended the middle of September. We met every two weeks. Gracie was 83 years old. She was most upbeat and up-to-date 83 year old I have ever met. I came away with so many quilting ideas and about life in general. She was "wonderful". Well, Gracie passed away this past January. Her death really through me for a loop, but Gracie will always be in my heart and the knowledge she passed on to me is beyond words. Upon her death, her family donated some things she was working on and her fabric to my local quilt guild. I came away with our last class project of hers that she didn't quite finish. One day I will finish it in her memory. I finished mine and sent it off to a cousin of mine.

Last night, a neighbor of mine, came by the house and presented me with a framed butterfly quilt block that Gracie had appliqued. It was one of the things she had picked up from Gracie's stuff. She gave it to me knowing how much I admired Gracie and her work. So Gracie's "Precious Memories" will always be in my sewing room. Gracie I hope you are looking down on me with your smile.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Is Spring Around The Corner

Is Spring Around The Corner???? Today in our yard were hundreds of robins and making the biggest noise. This is not the first time they visited us. They were here in the middle of January. Now today, they are here again. What joy my husband and I had watching these birds. It was truly a bright spot in our day.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Canadian Goose

This is the week, I guess, for the critters to be on the move and to be able to use my new camera. This afternoon two Canadian Geese were in the pasture. So once again I ran out to get their picture. I am still playing with this camera, so for some reason I hit the video on it, but did manage to get a still picture of one of them. Maybe one of these days I will get the hang on how to use the camera. Anyway, I have enlarged one of the geese in order to show it here.

Brown Bag Special 2007

The "Brown Bag Special" for our Guild started in June 2007 and was to be a Quilt Block we made ourselves and put into a paper bag with any extra fabric we wanted to supply. Those that wanted to participate drew a bag of their choice. They were not to tell whose bag they drew. Then for the next 6 months we were given instructions on what to do on the quilt. One month it was triangles and another applique, etc. It was a round robin of sorts, only one person did it all, instead of passing it around from one person to the next. We were to have it completed by our Christmas party in December 2007. At the Christmas party, every one was surprised at how their center block they submitted turned out to be in a small quilt. This was a challenge for members to get out of their box and for some it was. I did not get to see mine until this month as it was a challenge for the lady that drew my name. However, I am so very proud of it because instead of just a quilt top, I ended up with it being completely quilted. Thank you Linda for doing such a beautiful job. I just love it.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Today close to lunch time I happened to look out the living room window and I saw what I thought was a medium size stray dog walking slowly in the pasture next to the barbed wire fence. My husband got up to look, then we saw only the head with pointed ears and decided it was just a wild cat. Gradually we saw the whole body with the bobbed tail and realized we had a bobcat in the pasture. My husband went outside, but the bobcat was not in any hurry, so I gave him the camera. The picture you are seeing is an enlarged portion so you can tell it is a Bobcat, so it will look blurred. By the time the picture was taken, he was standing at our pasture gate. He was never in any hurry to leave.

Monday, February 18, 2008

2006 Brown Bag Special

One year ago our NNNQG did what we call a "Brown Bag Special". We had to put in the bag a yard of our own fabric with our name. Then members would draw a bag and they were to work on this project for 6 months. We could not see the finished project until our Christmas party. I put in my bag some purple which ended up being the outside border you see in the picture. Carol drew my bag and she came up with this "superquilter" quilt. Her husband quilted it. It could not have been more perfect. I am so proud of this quilt that she hangs on the wall so that when I sew I can see her.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Third Saturday

The Third Saturday Quilt Group met today. Most of us worked on UFO's and a few got to put their names in the UFO bucket for a drawing in May. It's our challenge to finish our projects and the name drawn in May will receive a prize. It's a pretty good incentive, especially when the prize is money. About ten of us showed up today. It was raining and cold, so I am surprised we had as many as we did. Ruby fixed us spaghetti while others brought salads and dessert for lunch. It is just a real special time for us to get together. We usually work on our projects from 9 a.m. til 4 p.m. We have so much fun laughing and carrying on. I always look forward to our all day sew-ins. Next month the Group will start a new project and work on it for three months. So I need to go through my fabric stash and see what I have work with. Till, next time. Happy sewing.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Early Sewing Day at the Guild

I went over for an early sewing day at the Guild. Some of us were working on the Texas Truffle Lonestar pattern. I have finished my points of the star. It has taken awhile as it was so tedious making sure the diamonds met the points. But, I am so happy to get this much done. We've had a small group at the Guild working on this and we were all on different levels. Now it is on to putting the star together. That will be another day.

I also worked on another project with the "Fractured Fat Quarters" pattern. I put the inside border on and two of the outside borders. Then it was time to go home and I will finish the last two borders there.

I have so many UFO projects it will probably take me a life to finish them. I am currently quilting on my sewing machine a red quilt. My ambition is to get my UFO's finished and quilted. I make quilts for myself and to give to my family.

Well, tomorrow is another day and on to another UFO.