Friday, January 16, 2009


I probably should explain the frogs. I am not actually obsessed with frogs, although one might thinks so. It seems I have been collecting frogs that friends have given me. The frogs represent having to rip out my mistakes when I am quilting. So the frogs say "rippit, rippit". If my friends and I catch someone ripping out a mistake we will throw a frog at them. It's just a fun thing.

I have received stuffed frogs from small ones to a large one. Then there is the frog watch, the frog sweatshirt, t-shirt, denim shirt and so forth.

No, I tell you I am not obsessed with frogs.

Frogs, frogs and more frogs.


Pat said...

Ok Gale cute frogs. One day you need to show me how to make a web page. It was good to hang out with you today always such a pleasure. Thanks again for cutting my background blocks out. Love ya

kgarza523 said...

I like your frogs :-) But I don't think you have enough of them yet. You need more! More I tell you! More frogs!

Karen (laughing wickedly as she slinks away into the dark corner of the room)