Saturday, May 25, 2013

On The Bright Side Of Things.

Beautiful morning and day. So glad to have had rain, but not so glad for the devastating storms. Make the best of every day and try to have a song in heart. Life is too short not to.  Here in Oklahoma those storms are always out there and our weatherman tries to give us warning ahead of time.  I am fortunate to be blessed.  The storms have come sometimes within a half a mile to a mile close to us.  This time it was less than a mile where it started and headed to Newcastle and on to Moore.   I am not going to say it is not scarey.  I can only imagine how scared the children were, not to mention the adults.  My heart goes out to them.      The teachers were heroic trying to save the children at school.  Our first responders, EMT's, police, fireman are extraordinary people.  To have to deal with everyday things is something to think about, but to handle the devastation in Shawnee and Moore is another thing.  What they see is hard and it is hard for them to carry home to their loved ones and to have a restful sleep at night.  That is to say that they have a home to go to when the storm is over. They always put others first.   It will take a very long time for all involved to recover from this.  But those of us who live here are OKLAHOMA STRONG.  Please pray for those who lost so much in the storm.  Thank you for letting me say what I have had on my mind.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

My Exotic Garden Plant

I have a rare exotic garden plant this year and it has grown past my height nearly.  Some people may not appreciate my exoctic plant, but I have had a laugh or two watching it grow.  I am looking forward to the bloom.  Everyone needs a little amusement  once in a while and the garden fairy has done just that.  So won't you join me and enjoy what Mother Nature has given me.

By now you should have guessed that my exotic plant is a thistle.  But it must have known I could see the beauty in it.  Thank you Mother Nature for giving me this joy.