Thursday, July 30, 2009

My Friend Mama C

My friend Mama C, is the most wonderful friend to have. She has had to deal with things that if it were me, be an emotional wreck. Instead, she will keep me from being that way. She loves to laugh and is so very caring. But there is another side to her and that is she is so very, very talented. She is a quilter and I think she is a quilt artist. She has won many ribbons for her quilts. Along with that, she will help you with your quilting and she will teach you how to do it correctly. In fact some of us girls have come to really depend on her. I cannot begin to tell you the many things she helps us with, from what kind of thread to use, fabric choices, help with pattern instructions and ways to do a quilt easier, which stabilizer to use when machine embroidering and different techniques to use. I have learned so much about quilting through her knowledge. I have learned to be careful when seeing her "stuff" about saying how cute something is, as she may just give it to you. She did that just the other day when I saw a pincushion of hers and mentioned it. Before I knew it, it was mine. My friend, Mama C, is one of the strongest and talented (gifted) women I know and when I grow up, I want to be just like her (I'm older than she is, but she is my Mama C). Thank you Mama C.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

New Book On The Bookshelf

I finished reading "The Rescuer" by Dee Henderson and have added it to my bookshelf on the sidebar. I enjoyed it very much. This was my first time reading one of Dee Henerson's books.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Preparing for December Embroidery Retreat

In December I plan to go to a machine embroidery retreat. There will be six of us and we will all work on the same project. It will be a project with large designs and multiple hoopings, so I am practicing lining up the design. I have the center shown here and now I will play with lining up a border on each side. It's really fun doing something challenging.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Fabric Basket Thread Catcher

I have just been playing making small things that are quick to make. I saw this fabric basket at a site called Pink Penquin and really liked them. They can be made to any size and used for just about anything, from thread catcher, notions holder, spools of thread, etc. I am going to use this for a thread catcher when I go an all day sewing with our guild. I told my husband it was my newest purse and he said if I carried it, people would laugh. I did tell him what it was really for. This could also make a small Christmas present.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Butterfly Embroidered Purse

Last weekend I saw a lady carrying a purse that was made out of muslin and she had some machine embroidery on it. Well, I just thought it was so cute, so I have made one of my own this week. I embroidered "whimsical butterfly" on the front and just did four small butterflies on the back. I did not do any quilting on it, except for the gusset. I did use some brighter fabric for the inside, as you can see. I am telling you I can really get into this purse making and I seem to take notice when I see one being carried by someone else. It is just a small break from doing my quilts of which I have not given up doing. Sometimes it is nice to just get something small done and feel I have finished something. LOL I get inspired by Diane's blog at sewman maniac quilter. Her blog is on my sidebar. She comes up with the prettiest purses and totes. I enjoy reading her blog. Anyway, here are pictures of my purse being added to my purse collection.

Friday, July 10, 2009

New Blog with Give Away

New Blog With Give Away-check this one out. I have her on my sidebar.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

More Blogs To Follow

On the Side Bar I have added more blogs that I like to follow:

Sue Garman
Silver Thimble Talk

I hope you enjoy them too.

My "Doings" This Past Week

This past Tuesday our Newcastle Quilt Guild had a class making a crazy patch purse. Everyone that participated in the class had a great, great time. It was so much fun seeing how different each purse turned out. At first I was not too sure I would like mine, but by the time I got done, I love it. I did not get to finish it that night, but got it done when I went to the Chickasha Churndasher's Quilt Guild on Thursday. The Churndasher's had a class on covering a box with a lid (shoe box) with fabric. That was a lot a fun. You can use them as gift boxes and for organizers in your home (sewing room, etc)

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Grandma Has A New Baby

Mom and Dad presented me with a new baby. Oh, it is so, so cute. It was a little pinkish and I noticed how very cute the feet are. I just cooed and awed at this brand new baby. I kept saying how very sweet you are. The little eyes were just looking at me and it was very still while looking me. The hair was fluffy just like a newborn baby (which of course it is) Mom and Dad were a little worried about what my reaction would be, but they were pleased when they saw me. I am posting a picture so you can share in my joy. As you can see it is a baby bird (it's a cardinal) just out of the nest. Mom and Dad were at the living room window guarding their new young one. I just could not imagine what was going on and my first thought was a snake. So when I got up from the chair I could see what the excitement was all about. I was able to get close enough to take this picture. After I took the picture, I told Mom and Dad how beautiful it was and to keep it safe. Thanks Mom and Dad for sharing your beautiful little darling with me.