Monday, July 18, 2011

My Great Grandson- Asher

My great grandson will be 3 in Nov and he's growing to be "a big boy" now. You can read about him on my sidebar called "A Prayer For Asher" . He is a very special little boy having survived a rare brain cancer tumor. He has been through a lot for such a young man. His Grandma Britta writes about him and I have been able to watch him grow. I love the stories she writes about him. I just had to do a little bragging about him. So Asher Great Grandma Gale loves you so very much.

Sunday, July 17, 2011


Last time I posted and I asked how hot is hot? Well, it got even hotter this weekend as the
ac went out. But now, I have a happy face as the ac got fixed this morning. Enjoyed a day of sewing yesterday with my Sat. Group. Mama C taught a table runner and showed us how to do flying geese another way and they turned out perfect. This was a small project and I am still working on my UFO's. I have 3 quilt tops finished now. I am, though, having to take a break to get a challenge done for our Renegade Retreat in August. I am really cutting this challenge too close to the due date. But I will get something done.

Monday, July 11, 2011

How Hot Is Hot?

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Well, let me tell you how hot is hot. 22 Days of it being over 100 degrees here in Oklahoma. 12 of those days one right after the other. This past Saturday it was 110 degrees. And the nights are not much cooler- 80 to 95 degrees. Thank goodness for the air conditioning, but I am sure we will have quite a large electric bill. Besides the heat, we have been in a terrible drought here. The grass is brown and crispy along with the farmer's pastures. I have heard on the news that the farmer's are starting to sell their cattle because there is very little hay. It seems that all around the country people are having their problems with floods, forest fires, etc. I pray one day the weather will come to those who need rain, that it stops for those don't need it and for the fires come to a halt.

I have finished piecing two of my UFO's. I think I have a PHD in quilting (Projects Half Done). I have vowed that this summer I am working on those projects and not starting any new big quilts until September. I probably won't even make a dent in those projects, but I have at least made a start. Here are the 2 I have finished piecing.