Monday, January 18, 2010

I'm Back

I'm Back and have spent way to much time on facebook, especially playing games. I probably won't quit playing games, but trying not to play as much. I am going to try working some on this blog. I am currently quilting my Road to Dixie quilt and nearly have the main portion done and then it is on the to the borders. But in the meantime here are some of the projects that I may not have shown here.
My great grandson had to have a brain tumor removed at age 11 months and I made him a doo rag when we though he was going to go through chemo, but as it turns out he is currently going through proton radiation treatments.
My floral elegance machine embroidery blocks that I will one day make into a lap quilt.

My tasseled strip quilt and it fits perfectly on the back of the loveseat.