Monday, January 26, 2009

Icey Weather Today

We've got an ice storm going on today and it is supposed to last until noon tomorrow. I don't do the ice because I have had three joint replacements and I don't want to take a chance of falling. So it's a wonderful day to sew. I am working on a UFO and it is the Eleanor Burns Pink Lemonade Quilt and I made it a lapsize. I decided it was time I got the quilting done on it. I use my sewing machine to do my quilting and when I get that done I will post a picture of it. So I think I am on a roll with these UFO's. When that is done that will be 1 out of my goal of 8 for the year.

I plan to still go back and work on the Great Pumpkin Patch and the Road to Dixie Quilt.


kgarza523 said...

Yeah! I'm proud of you lady! You are on your way toward reaching your UFO goal :-) See ya Friday

Idaho Quilter said...

Keep rollin on, the UFO's will get replaced with new UFO's if it anything like my sewing projects.