Thursday, February 7, 2013

Second Day on Cruise

On Sunday, which was our first full day at sea we had wool penny rug to work on and it fit the theme of  sea shells.  A great memory to make of our good times at sea.  Just a reminder from my last post that this was "McCall's Quilt University School At Sea".   In the afternoon we got our first steps and fabric to start our Mystery Quilt.  It was so much fun meeting quilters from all over the US.  Janome Sewing Machines were provided and "bobbin boys" to go with them.  They were there to thread, change bobbins and fix any other machine problems.  To say the  least we really got spoiled.  Beth Hayes, Editor of McCall's Quilt Magazine, was always smiling and helpful, along with the rest of her staff. This evening was free if you wanted to sew or explore what was on the ship.  So the four of us went exploring.  I must say it is a long walk from one end of the ship to the other.  My legs were already getting a workout. That evening Vickie and I took in a show of Ballroom dancing and it was wonderful.  Due to copyright laws, however, we were not allowed to take pictures.

We brought blocks with the theme of "Winter Break" as a challenge.

This was our wool penny rug  class

Mystery Quilt Classroom

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