Sunday, February 10, 2013

Grand Cayman Here We Come

Our next Port stop was Grand Cayman.  There we waited for our shuttle bus and went to swim with the sting rays.  Here I struggled first by getting on bus.  The steps into it were too high for me with my four joint replacements, but my wonderful friends and others helped.  As for the stingrays they were huge.  There too friends helped me because I float so easily, they hung on to me or I probably would have floated to who knows where.  LOL  I knew it would be hard to get in the water, but with the boatman's help I made it.  Then there was the reality of getting back up on the boat.  And again the boatman and his brother were there to save the day.  The  wind was blowing and the waves were a little strong.  Then we were back on the bus headed for the dolphins.  There it was fun, but I knew I could not stay on the surf board So I watch my friends being pushed by a dolphin.  However I did get to pet, kissed and got a kiss back from the dolphin.  From there we went to Tiki Beach to soak in some sun.

The ship could not dock at Grand Cayman because the water is too shallow.  All kinds of boats came to the ship to pick us up.

The next pictures show us going back to the ship the same way.

Once we were back on the ship, I saw the Disney Cruise Ship.  The water was beautiful with so many blues.

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