Saturday, February 9, 2013

Port Arrival

Jamaica was in view.  We were to have docked at Falmouth, Jamaica, however the sea was too rough to dock.  The Captain announced that he would be docking at Montego Bay, which was about two hours away.  There was a hustle to get everything arranged for those that were doing excursions.  It was successful as shuttles were waiting for us.  We did get to do our excursions which was "Taste of Jamaica" in Falmouth.  It took an hour drive going and coming, but the lunch was very good. 

The water was so blue.  It was different trying to walk or stand on the ship as you either walked like you were drunk or swayed when standing still.  I surprised myself because I never got nauseated.

After about two hours, Montego Bay, Jamaica  came into our sights.  We were so excited, because we were going to get off the ship. The water was so blue.

As I mentioned above we were driven to our lunch destination.  I think it was called Hope Great House and it has a history back to the 1800's.  The furniture was beautiful inside.

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