Thursday, April 9, 2009

Tote Bag

I made a tote bag out of the nine patches I made previously. In fact the whole purse is made from scraps left over from my Road To Dixie Quilt. There are two small pockets on the inside along the sides of the purse. One is very handy for my cell phone. Change and business cards are kept separately in small coin purses. And of course there is my Quilt Money purse there also. I made the handles so they are detachable and are buttoned on. So I had a learning process of making buttonholes and sewing on the buttons with my Elegante2.


stitches said...

That was a great idea. Way to go.

Diane said...

That turned out so cute. You did make a tote after all. I like the idea of buttonhole straps.
Tampa FL