Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Stack and Whack Fan Quilt

Yep, I've started another quilt and I don't even have UFO's finished yet. What am I going to do with me? I know---just have fun and that is just what I did yesterday. We had an all day sew-in at the Church yesterday and I finally got the chance to learn about the Stack and Whack Fan. A bestest friend, now called Princess of the UFO's, taught us. And oh, she had Mama "C" as her assistant. (We couldn't make it on our own without Mama "C".) We had 16 ladies present. Now some were working on their on projects, but quite a few of us took the fan class. All of the fan fabrics turned out so pretty and fabrics that you wouldn't think would work turned out so cute. We had so much fun yaking and laughing. There is one that I shall call Mama Two, who tries to keep me in line by reminding me of my age. Mind you Mama "C", Mama Two, and Princess of the UFO's are younger than me by about 20 years. They call me "Queen". I am not sure about that title, but it is all in fun. For lunch we had salads and lots of desserts. Here are some of the pictures of my "fans".

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Diane said...

Like your fan quilt, excellent job. Quilting friends are the best, aren't they?