Monday, April 6, 2009


I opened the curtains in the dining room and lo and behold what did I see with my wondering eyes. No--it's not Santa. We blue birds that are always fleeting around the yard. This morning I had two I could catch with the camera through the window that were on the old cellar out back. When I first saw the brightest one, its back was to me and he was so blue. I wasn't able to capture that pose, but did catch a few and some with the female friend.

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Busy Minnesota Mama said...

Great pictures. Wish I could see some of those bluebirds. We had snow here in MN yesterday. THankfully, it is gone today. I love your quilts. My mom and sisters are quilters. I use my creative streak for creating blogs. So, letting you know, You've been surfed. Hope you'll drop by my blog to see what that means for you. THanks, Verna