Saturday, April 11, 2009

My Little Darlings

I titled this "My Little Darlings" because I have a friend that says that when she starts talking about her "little darlings". Her stories about them just keep me in "stitches". (pun intended here for my friend) Well, my little darlings are my two great grandsons, Trey and Asher, ages 5 and 6 months. They are now at that age where personalities are showing. Both smile and are happy babies and so is this great grandma. I love this picture and I call it the face off (by the way they are cousins) Great Grandpa is holding Trey and Asher's mama is holding him.
In this next picture it's lunch time as you can tell by the food on his face.
Trey loves his jump toy and is a real show off in it.

Trey decided to let Asher try his jump toy and it did not take Asher long to play with all of the things on it.

Here's Asher hamming it up for Great Grandma.

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