Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Oklahoma Stormy Weather

The weather conditions were just right for the storms to occur here in Oklahoma. Things started jumping about 2:30 yesterday afternoon and jump they did. As far as I know,five tornadoes jumped around our State. We were fortunate as the storms traveled West of us and went North. The storms came one right after the other and seemed to be traveling the same path. Buildings were destroyed, trees and electric lines came down. The storms that hit by Waterloo Road and Broadway are two miles away where my son and family live. They are all safe. They had some debris in their front yard, but they did not have any damage. Further South in the State and in the evening a tornado 3/4 mile wide hit a town of Lone Grove, where 9 people were killed and the winds were 170 mph. It is sad to think of people losing their home, but another thing that people lost their lives. This all makes me realize that God has blessed me in many ways. I count my blessing everyday and that reminds me of a quilt I did called "Blessings" which is on my bed everyday.

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