Thursday, February 12, 2009

Books I have Read

As you can see to the right my bookshelf and that I am a big fan of Debbie MaComber. The one book of Geraldine Brooks title March was given to me as a Christmas present. I will read other books other than Debbie Macomber's, but I tend to like her for the easy reading and it helps me to fall asleep when reading at bedtime. It is a great relaxer when going to bed to read.

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Karen said...

Good morning sweet thing ;-)
I like to read in the evening too, for the same reason. It helps me to turn my mind off so I can fall asleep easier. I'm currently without a book tho since I finished reading the last one several days ago. Maybe I need to go buy another book today.
I saw the pattern books for the Blessings quilt when I was at Carol's yesterday. I'm impressed! The embroidery is all hand done, not machine. I don't do much hand work these days.
Have a great day :-)