Monday, February 2, 2009

My Weekend

On Friday and Saturday I attended an embroidery event at B-Sew-In put on by John Deer. It was a full two day event where we learned the history of embroidery and the foundation of how embroidery designs are made. In between the lecture we had five hands on projects to embroider. We each had a number and when your number came up, it was your turn to do the project while your group color watched (mine was yellow and I was number four). My project was to do a napkin ring holder. All of the projects were fun to watch and it was also fun to see the different sewing machines and the 6-needle machines. My project was done on the 6-needle machine. John Deer is very entertaining and I would recommend his Embroidery Events.

Today I am playing with some embroidery on embroidery on the back yoke of a shirt. I got inspired by the weekend embroidery event.

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