Thursday, July 30, 2009

My Friend Mama C

My friend Mama C, is the most wonderful friend to have. She has had to deal with things that if it were me, be an emotional wreck. Instead, she will keep me from being that way. She loves to laugh and is so very caring. But there is another side to her and that is she is so very, very talented. She is a quilter and I think she is a quilt artist. She has won many ribbons for her quilts. Along with that, she will help you with your quilting and she will teach you how to do it correctly. In fact some of us girls have come to really depend on her. I cannot begin to tell you the many things she helps us with, from what kind of thread to use, fabric choices, help with pattern instructions and ways to do a quilt easier, which stabilizer to use when machine embroidering and different techniques to use. I have learned so much about quilting through her knowledge. I have learned to be careful when seeing her "stuff" about saying how cute something is, as she may just give it to you. She did that just the other day when I saw a pincushion of hers and mentioned it. Before I knew it, it was mine. My friend, Mama C, is one of the strongest and talented (gifted) women I know and when I grow up, I want to be just like her (I'm older than she is, but she is my Mama C). Thank you Mama C.

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