Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Precious Memories

Last summer I had the honor of learning free motion quilting under a lady I consider my mentor. She held a small class through the entire summer and it ended the middle of September. We met every two weeks. Gracie was 83 years old. She was most upbeat and up-to-date 83 year old I have ever met. I came away with so many quilting ideas and about life in general. She was "wonderful". Well, Gracie passed away this past January. Her death really through me for a loop, but Gracie will always be in my heart and the knowledge she passed on to me is beyond words. Upon her death, her family donated some things she was working on and her fabric to my local quilt guild. I came away with our last class project of hers that she didn't quite finish. One day I will finish it in her memory. I finished mine and sent it off to a cousin of mine.

Last night, a neighbor of mine, came by the house and presented me with a framed butterfly quilt block that Gracie had appliqued. It was one of the things she had picked up from Gracie's stuff. She gave it to me knowing how much I admired Gracie and her work. So Gracie's "Precious Memories" will always be in my sewing room. Gracie I hope you are looking down on me with your smile.

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Linda said...

Hi 'The Quilt Lady'

I really enjoy your blog. I have tried to send comments, this is the first time I have gotten this far.

I love your butterfly, and I know how much it means to you. Gracie was a wonderful lady, quilter, friend and encourager. When Carol L. was president Gracie gave her a mini quilt, it is hanging in the quilting room.