Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Early Sewing Day at the Guild

I went over for an early sewing day at the Guild. Some of us were working on the Texas Truffle Lonestar pattern. I have finished my points of the star. It has taken awhile as it was so tedious making sure the diamonds met the points. But, I am so happy to get this much done. We've had a small group at the Guild working on this and we were all on different levels. Now it is on to putting the star together. That will be another day.

I also worked on another project with the "Fractured Fat Quarters" pattern. I put the inside border on and two of the outside borders. Then it was time to go home and I will finish the last two borders there.

I have so many UFO projects it will probably take me a life to finish them. I am currently quilting on my sewing machine a red quilt. My ambition is to get my UFO's finished and quilted. I make quilts for myself and to give to my family.

Well, tomorrow is another day and on to another UFO.


Joyce said...

Hi Gale, It looks like you got a pretty good start going here. Inez R. and I went to Bernina Club today at least we started to but the shop on I-240 had a moved to North May sign in the window. Since we did not want to drive all that way and not be sure they were having the club at 10 am we visited Hancock's, B Sew INN had lunch and they Went to Hobby Lobby so it was an enjoyable day. Oceans of Love Joyce

Solstitches said...

Welcome to Blogland. You will have a lot of fun.
That is a very beautiful quilt. I look forward to seeing more of your work.


Char said...

Hey, thanks for the link, have a good start and soon yours will be as full as mine..I can't leave it