Thursday, March 19, 2009

One UFO Done-Pink Lemonade

It's been a long time, but I have finally finished a UFO called Pink Lemonade. It is an Eleanor Burns pattern. I machine embroidered the flower block and I did the quilting on my sewing machine. I also made the label using machine embroidery. This quilt is going to be mailed to a special cousin of mine named Carol in Michigan. So if she reads my blog, the secret surprise will be out of the bag. lol That's one UFO down and 7 more to go for the year. My original goal is to get 8 UFO's done this year. Well, it's the middle of March and I have only one done. So to my friend, Vickie, don't worry about me catching up with you. I have to explain that Vickie is the fastest project finisher in the West. But then she is Grandma and I am "Great" Grandma so I am supposed to be slower (I think) and I am probably 20 years older than her. lol. Either way I am proud to at least have one UFO done. Now it's off to do my quilting on my jacket seeing that the class is Saturday.

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Carla said...

How very lovely!!