Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Last Weekend's Renegade Quilters Retreat

I was able to finish "It's A Wrap" Christmas quilt during last weekends Retreat. It took a while to get it pieced together, but now I am happy to move on to something else. I am almost finished with the main project we were to work on and in a few days I should be able to post a picture of it. I did get a sample block done of our next project for the August Renegade Retreat. And oh, we have a challenge to do using some bluebird fabric. We are not to tell anyone what we will do with the fabric-- It's A Secret! lol. Also, did I mention I bought some fabric??? Well, I wasn't the one "on a budget" (that's an inside joke for the person that said she was on a budget--somehow that budget got broken) The first day we went to the Alco store in Watonga and a friend drove us. The next day one of the gals showed a suggestion for a quilt to do in August (the one on the budget), so I said time to go back to the Alco store, so I drove. Then our last two days I bought lots of fabric from our favorite store -- Steelman's in Chickasha, better known as Phylis. Phylis comes on the retreat with us and you would not believe the fabric bolts she brought. Anyway, I shopped twice with her and bought. Our group emptied 19 bolts for her and she still had plenty of bolts left. It ended up that we were all very proud of our "fabric budget" when we finished shopping. I think our cars looked like this driving back home.

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