Monday, March 16, 2009

"Cat" Our Outdoor Guest

"Cat" is a wild cat. We live where there is pasture around the house. Last fall a pair of kittens appeared for about a week, one white and one gray with black markings. For the past month "Cat" has from time to time slept on a bench on the front porch and at times on top of an old, run down cellar sunning himself or herself. When it sees us it runs away. So we just leave it alone so he or maybe she can enjoy some comfort without being bothered by anything. It's a healthy looking cat and does not appear to be hungry. "Cat" probably finds enough mice in the pasture. I managed to take a few pictures through the dining room window and as you can see he is not a small cat. I have wondered if this was the dark kitten I saw in the fall. I have never seen the white kitten again. No telling how long "cat" will stay to visit, but, we will just continue to leave it alone and enjoy seeing it once in a while. "Cat" is not bothersome and is quiet.


stitches said...

Oh what a cute cat.

Pat H. said...

"He" is beautiful. We have three that were kittens last Spring. Their mother was sorta feral but would allow the neighbor to pet her. It was fun watching them play and grow during the Summer. Come Fall, the momma cat decided she liked it inside better than outside with her kittens and took up residence inside the neighbors house. The kittens are very feral, she's very tame and loves people now. The neighbors are feeding the kittens so they stay around here. They still play in the yard just like they did when they were babies and live in my small barn on top of the hill.