Saturday, December 13, 2014

Step 3 of MQ Grand Illusion

Well I am  a little further along on the MQ Grand Illusion by Bonnie Hunter.  I now have 88 blocks of Step 1, 38 blocks of Step 2 and 10 blocks of Step 3.  I work a little on each Step and even though I haven't finished a Step I am having fun.  Now I am really not doing scrappy ( I didn't have enough of the colors needed), I have done a little scrappy with Step 3.  Hope it works out OK.


Karabeta said...

Taking one step a time and having fun sounds perfect to me. Pretty blocks, I'm sure it will work out more than ok!

Lisa said...

Love your greens, they look pretty with the other colours. Have fun making progress - I'm still working on step 2

Vireya said...

Looking good so far!