Friday, May 1, 2009

Retreat Has Come And Gone

Our NNNQG Retreat was last weekend and I think we had 21 ladies attend. We all had fun, but don't ask about how we did on the mystery quilt. Several of us had problems turning our blocks wrong and just plain sewing them wrong. Believe me I had my share of mistakes. The quilt pattern was called "The Trail to Paducah". Karen was the first to be done.

Carol finished second.

And for guessing the time of the first quilt to be done, Sue received some trinkets for her ear.

Of course, it is expected at our retreats to pull jokes or pranks on each other. Well, this next picture it sure looks like it, but I really think they were just in a conversation. I interpret this picture as saying--Tina, "honest Sue, I did not do it" And Sue is saying "Uh, ha" But, Tina, you have the wrong hand up because when you swear to something, it is usually your right hand and not your left. LOL

Then there is Sarge and her troops where Sarge is showing the girls how to exercise.

One of the main attractions at Camp Canyon are the goats in the Canyon. The herd has grown now to 17. We have seen the black ram knocking his horns with the others. We love the goats.

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Anonymous said...

Wow...I wish I could have seen the goats! It looks like you had fun at your retreat!

Vanessa in Oklahoma