Monday, December 14, 2015

Quiltville MQ 3rd Clue

Well, I don't have any of the steps so far completed.  However, I am working on it.   As Bonnie has said, if you get steps completed to do enough of them to be able to start putting it  together at result time,  So I can always go back and finish each step.  I am not a fast sewer and not in a race.  So today I am posting some of the 4 patches.  Shown here are 40 of them.  I do have more to complete 120, but have to put each half together.


Andee said...

I am glad you are doing a few of each, will be easier to catch up and more fun to play along!

gayle said...

I'm at a point where I have a whole bunch of twosies put together, and now just have to join them into fours. (I haven't been counting them, though, so who knows how many I've got...)
I'm with you - if we've got some of each unit done, we can play along to the end!


Thanks for visiting my blog. I enjoyed viewing yours. Have fun doing the mystery quilt.