Friday, April 5, 2013

Love to Quilt

Yes I love to make quilt blocks, quilt tops and try my hardest to quilt them on my sewing machine.  But quilting my finished pieced quilts is harder for me to get done.  First I have to decide what design to choose, then the color of thread to use and being able to actually quilt them.  I used to hand quilt, but that took me a long time to finish.  I know patience my dear, patience. It seems that I got a lot more done when I was working, but that was 9 years ago and now I barely get any of the quilts quilted.  Oh well, you know what, life goes on and as long as I am happy doing what I can get finished, it's OK.  After all it is not a race.  Right.  Right.  So here are pictures of what I am playing with right now.

My hexagons. 

And my Sister's Choice blocks.

I have sewn the Sister's Choice blocks the way Bonnie Hunter from Quiltville shows on her blog.  I just love her and she makes blocks easier and logical.  I am even doing the leader ender thing to work in another project on down the line.  I keep saying that this year is the year for using scraps.  Believe me I have plenty of them everywhere.  As the nation is talking about cutting down the budget, I am also by using what I already have.
Although that thought probably won't last long as I am addicted to fabric, I will try. Well I have rambled on and must get something done, whether it be making blocks, starting a new quilt or finishing one, my quilting life goes on. 

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