Saturday, May 15, 2010

Butterfly Quilt UFO

As you can see I am making an honest effort in getting some UFO's done. I pinned my Baby Butterfly Quilt and it is now ready for me to machine quilt. Then I plan to quilt my Glory Bound quilt. But, first I want to show it at the NNNQG on Tuesday for show and tell. So I went to my stash of quilt tops and decided it was time to get the butterfly top quilted. Once I get it quilted I will embroider the antennae.



Joyce said...

Hi, quilt lady, well your Butterfly looking good. I just signed in with my 3 password since you started this blog hopefully this one will work from now on and I will remember it. I got rid of one of my UFO's today also. I bagged up the Winner Circle stuff and Templates and I am going to give them to the Girl Scout working on her Gold Award. I never enjoyed working on that and I sat and look at the box for several Months and decided I would never even make a table runner out of it so It goes to her Tuesday night. I know that is most likely considered cheating in the land of finishing UFO's but that the way it is going to be. Joyce

Diane said...

Great job on your quilt. Love the use of 30's fabrics in it.